Medal Ribbon and Mounting

We stock most British and Commonwealth medal ribbon from Waterloo to the present day including Gallantry and Long Service Awards.

It is sold in 6-inch lengths (155mm) or multiples thereof at a price of 1.00 GBP per 6 inch plus postage.

It is always worth contacting us with your ribbon requirements as we have vast stocks and tend to be able to provide most of the obscure ribbons that other dealers fail to stock.

We also can provide some original silk ribbons at a cost of 6.00 GBP per length on a strictly first come first served basis.

We offer a bespoke medal mounting service either court or swing style. All medals are hand stitched with clear nylon and not glued. Please contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

Valuation Days

As part of the services we offer to the public we often run travelling valuation events in Northumberland, Durham & all over Yorkshire

At these events we provide members of the public with immediate no obligation offers on unwanted or inherited coins & medals along with any of the following items, cloth & metal military badges, enamel badges, military headdress & helmets, uniforms, edged weapons, bank notes, postcards,
Military documents, military photographs, Masonic & R.A.O.B medals & jewels, gold & silver pocket watches & watch chains (both working & not working) pre-1947 silver coins in any condition, gold coins, scrap gold & silver in any form including broken jewellery & tableware / tea sets

All of our events run between the hours of 9.30am & 4.30pm

We make a point of running the events in local community centres & church halls & the reason for this is two fold. The main reason is that the rental we pay for the hire of each hall helps to provide much needed revenue to the communities that we hold the events in. (we often give an extra donation to local charities on top of the rental costs) & the other reason is that by keeping the running costs as low as possible. We are able to offer the very best prices for any items that you may wish to consider selling.

Check our events diary to see details of our next series of events.

Gold/Silver Coins & Scrap Gold

we are always on the look out for gold coins such as sovereigns & krugerrands and have a good client base for both. as such we will be happy to buy them from you or take them in full or part exchange for medals. also we are always willing to purchase scrap gold & broken jewelery and will be happy to offer a good price for you unwanted items. with payment by return of post. also do not forget we are happy to purchase pre 1947 silver coins and will be happy to pay many times the face value for these items. however silver coins should not be posted to us but should be offered to us over the telephone and brought to the shop or one of the fairs we attend